Ribbed Belts
Ribbed Belts

Ribbed Belts for superior stability and strength nationwide from Belt Power LLC

Ribbed conveyor belt photo

When you need stability and reliability in your belting equipment, turn to ribbed belts from Belt Power LLC. Often used in power transmissions, a ribbed belt features lengthwise grooves that lock into grooves in the pulley system. These grooves help reduce vibration in your belting system, making for smoother and easier operation.

Ribbed conveyor belt photo

Thanks to their design, ribbed belts often have a long life, are able to withstand high speed rations, and reduce tension in the pulley for more stable production and operation.

Ribbed belts are exceptional for uses in applications and machinery like:

  • Compressors
  • Food production
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Beverage production
  • Materials handling
  • Packaging
  • and much more …

Rest assured that when you choose Belt Power for all your ribbed belt needs, you will receive nothing but the best in quality and service. We use products from only the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, and all of our fabrication is done in house by our expert belting technicians. Furthermore, you can count on Belt Power to be available 24/7 to service your ribbed belts and other belting equipment.