Perforated Belts
Perforated Belts

Custom Perforated Belt products from reliable names at Belt Power LLC

Perforated conveyor belt photo

A perforated belt is a conveyor with a sequence of punched holes based on the application or uses for the belts. Often used for drying or vacuuming purposes, perforated belts allow air to flow around the products and can more effectively hold products and materials in place on the conveyor.

Perforated conveyor belt photo

A well-designed perforated belt can be used in a variety of industries including:

  • Wood
  • Board and panel
  • Paper
  • Diapers and non-woven industry
  • Hygiene and feminine products
  • and much more …

Along with providing you with superior quality perforated belts from top manufacturers, Belt Power also creates custom belting and equipment for use in your facility. Simply provide us with your requirements and applications and we will recommend or create the perfect perforated belt to suit your specifications.