Industries: Recycling

Conveyor Systems Recycling Industry image 01

Conveyor Systems Recycling Industry image 01

As more and more emphasis is placed on “going green,” the recycling industry is seeing an increased demand on turning used products into reusable materials. Recycling facilities that acknowledge this growth are staying in step by ensuring their equipment can meet the increased demand in production.

Belt Power is an industry leader at performing on-site plant assessments. Our experienced staff has the knowledge and technical expertise to evaluate your conveyor systems and identify problem areas, such as potential pitfalls or where bottlenecks may occur. After we assess your facility, we can then develop a solution that will have your conveyor system streamlined and running at maximum efficiency.

As the recycling industry incorporates and more and more materials, some operations might be faced with the seemingly difficult challenge of devising solutions that will allow them to process additional materials. Our sales staff has years of real world experience in evaluating and developing custom solutions. By working with Belt Power to address your custom application you can feel confident knowing that our staff will build and install a custom conveyor system that will not only meet your needs, but increase your production capacity, enabling you to accommodate future growth.

Featured Products

  • Cleated incline belts
  • Magnetic separator belts
  • Product sortation belting (co-mingling belts)
  • Rubber and PVC belting