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Postal Services

Conveyor Systems Postal Industry image 01

Conveyor Systems Postal Industry image 01

Belt Power recognizes some of the unique challenges that the postal industry faces. With very delicate materials being processed at a high rate of speed, it is vital that conveyor systems work flawlessly, without binding or jamming. Our suppliers offer a wide variety of applications that cater specifically to this type of material processing, focusing on low-noise and bulk handling units.

The postal industry is another area that is ever changing in its day-to-day demands. As more and more people rely on e-mail for their daily correspondence, some facilities might have the need to replace old, larger-scale conveyor systems with more modern and updated solutions appropriate for their current production rates.

The professionals at Belt Power can assist you with determining the best solution for your operation. We do on-site analysis as well as installation. Our team has numerous years of real world experience and the skill set to efficiently evaluate and develop a conveyor belting solution to best suit your facility.

Featured Products

  • Low-noise fabrics
  • Bulk handling belts
  • Cleated inclines
  • Impression covers
  • Van der Graaf motorized pulleys
  • Accumulation conveyors
  • Diverting conveyors